Watering Holes For Your Small Business!

With all the bad news for small business around I have found a solution to ALL your small business problems. When I say I have found …., I mean I have read about it in the Sunday FT.

Woods Bagot, an architecture firm in London, reports a new trend in office refits – a threefold increase in office bars. It is apparently good for recruiting young “knowledge workers” to a business, builds better teams and is seen as a great perk. Apparently (!?) more valuable than bonuses and freebies.

I think you could use these watering holes for entertaining your late paying customers and then make them sign the outstanding amount and a healthy up-front deposit for future work on a cheque, there and then. Make sure you use cheap booze and then book the drinking session under “credit-control” cost in your accounting.
If your accountant/CPA objects to this, invite him/her to your watering hole – you get the idea!

There are many uses for a company bar, I’m grateful for this idea – now I know why I read the FT every weekend. ST.

P.S.: Make sure your accountant does not charge you for the time in your company bar, they can be very slow drinkers! 😉

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