Ask and listen, then sell.

Selling and making money is one of the most important parts of running a business, obviously. It is astonishing how bad some “sales” people are, especially in small business this can have a detrimental effect on the whole business.

I read somewhere not so long ago that that in sales you should remember that you have one mouth and two ears, and you should use them in that ratio. Two thirds should be listening to your customer, or better listening and asking questions to understand your customers needs . Each customer wants to know what your product or service will do for him/her. No two customers are the same, so you need to find out what this customer is looking for to be able to offer them the product or service they need. Remember it is easy to scare people with too many details and facts.

Even a simple question of “How are you today?” can give you a some insight to your customers needs. “I’m in a hurry and need a present for my aunt!”, can be a good pointer as to the needs of your customer.

Asking questions before mentioning relevant features or benefits is more professional and often more successful. ST.

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