Good Customer Service :- Turn up on time!

While we are talking about customer service and relations, differentiating yourself from your competition, here is an easy one:


The fact of the matter is, that most of us have been ad home waiting for the service man/woman to turn up, only to be disappointed in one way or another. They did not come at all, they did not call to let you know or they came far too late. The reality is often customers will sit at home, take a day holiday leave to have this work done. If then something goes wrong with the appointment customers – and so would we – get very upset, rightly so.

So why not give a written guarantee that you will be on time, no that would be an differentiator that will get you work. Believe it or not, time is not only money to you, but to your clients too.

You guarantee to be on time – I’ll guarantee you’ll get more work! ST.

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