Don’t Sell. Solve a Problem.

A few days ago I wrote a post about listening to your customers before you sell your product or service. You may be able to make someone buy your product/service once, but for your customers to come back for more you need to do more.

No matter how good your are at selling, no matter how smooth, slick and high-pressure you are, the fact remains you can’t make someone buy. The only way is to solve peoples problems. Which problem does your product and/or service solve?

  • Easy-to-run online accounting software;
  • do the job in half the time;
  • lose weight while you sleep;
  • easy-to-prepare gourmet meals;
  • cut overheads.

You get the picture – the best way to sell is to solve. This will tell you that bombarding clients with facts about megabytes, speed, number of cylinders and so on, is not what is needed. Find out what problem your customer has, then talk about the benefits and solutions your product/service offers for the problem – that will get you a sale.

If solving is selling, what are your solutions? Let me know. ST.

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