Is Teleworking only for Big Business?

More and more of the work-force in large corporations work from home, or have a “hot-desk”, they share with others while they are in the office. This trend is driven by the ever present need to feed the profit hungry shareholders of these often public companies. But is this trend only some thing big business should consider, or has teleworking a place in the small business?

If it is then what would the advantages are for micro business to allow teleworking for it’s small work-force? Here are some reasons why you may consider to allow your staff to work from home or on the road, with only a temp-desk in your office:

  • Efficiency – you may come to the conclusion that your staff member does not need to be in the office to do their work, bookkeeping staff for instance, customer care staff can also work from home. They would save the trip into the office, saving time and money while reducing carbon footprint.
  • Cost-effective – consider how much office space you could save, with that money on rent, furniture, heating and electricity, again reducing carbon emissions.
  • Recession-proofing – having lower over-heads/fixed costs during times of an economic slowdown helps your small business to survive.
  • Growth of Business – you could stay longer in the same property while your business is growing, with the same above effects, plus savings on time, money by not having to move. No to mention the business interruption before, during and after the move.
  • Lean & Mean – is not only something that big business needs to worry about, if they could they would run the whole Microsoft, GE, Barclays empires with ten people, in order to boost profits. Ultimately that is why you run your small business too.
  • Enabling disabled workers – this point is often overlooked. We are concerned with not having a educated workforce, while highly educated but disabled people sit hat home without adequate work, that seems a waste to me.

I think it is sometimes important to remember how good it feels to get up in the morning and go to your small business without any real financial worries. Unfortunately this is not the reality for many self-employed, sole-traders and other micro businesses, that is a shame. Making decisions about how and where your work-force works is part of that process that will get you there in the end.

After working from home full-time now for over nine years, only going to the office for meetings has not only be a financial success but also liberating. — ST.


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