Aquisition, Re-activation and Retention of your Small Business Customers.

Sometimes it is a good idea to go back to basics if you want to evaluate what you are doing or achieving in you small business. Much time in a business is spend thinking about marketing, PR, sales and customer care issues, how to make them more effective for our customers and easier to use. But have you asked yourself lately why you need to worry about that?

In short, there are three motivations why you should be doing all of this:

  • Acquisition of new customers;
  • Re-activation of existing but dormant customers;
  • Retention of existing and active customers.

If you remind yourself of these three reasons when you thing about any activity in your company. Even a change in your payment terms should be considered with these three reasons in mind. How will it effect my customer acquisition, will it help to get some old customers to order new product or service from me, is it likely to drive some existing customers away?

Customer focus may very well be the most important aspect to your success with your home business or your freelance work. Creating barriers is something you should only do towards your competition, never towards your customers or prospects.

How is what you do today going to help you with these three goals? — ST.

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