Ray Kroc or It is never too late to be an entrepreneur.

I have been reading about Ray Kroc the founder of McDonald’s, these stories can tell about figures like that can tell you a lot about the way business does work.

He was fifty-two years old when he found that funny shaped hamburger stand in San Bernardino in California. At fifty-two and suffering from diabetes he found his business idea that would transform the way we look at fast food. He was not a young entrepreneur or grey suited corporate type, no he had been a salesman for most of his live. He had also earned his living with playing music in bars, in short things were not always easy.

But now at fifty-two, when our society has decided you no longer represent prime employee material, Ray Kroc knew the best part of his live was still ahead of him. Ray’s life teaches us many lessons for our private and professional lives. Not only is his live a lesson in perseverance, as it is often the case, perseverance is something that just happens out of necessity, but about the fact that it is never to late to make your mark or find your niche and change your life.

You need to keep an open mind and understand challenges as opportunities – read Ray’s story and see this mindset in action, it is utterly compelling. — ST.

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