Service Desert is big small business opportunity.

Have you ever noticed these little or big signs in businesses and offices reading something like:

Our staff has the right to work in an abuse free environment.

Have you ever noticed that in those establishments the customer service is especially bad and rude? The way bigger business or civil servants deal with customers is to provide an often appalling customer service and when you complain, you are told you are being abusive. This has happened to me with “the worlds favorite airline”, when talking to utility companies and other organisations during the years.

While it is often the customer who gets abused, the abusers just claim to be the abused and avoid the real issues this way. Often management of these organisations hide behind layers of employees who can not solve the problems, which are often systemic in those businesses. Another sign of bad customer service are over loaded call centers, continuos broken promises and no call backs.

This is probably the biggest advantage a small business could have, provide a first class customer service and charge for it. It is true that we live in times when price is king, but I believe the tide is slowly turning towards organisations who offer a good and friendly service. Differentiating yourself with your customer service is one of the best ways to build a good business.

If you are looking for business ideas and get annoyed about customer service issues in your daily live thing about how you could do this better and you probably found a way to earn a good living. — ST.

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