Singapore – Do It With A Smile!

I’m sitting in the Singapore Changi Airport waiting to board my flight to Melbourne I’m always surprised how friendly people are here, everyone smiles all the time, it seems that way anyway. This attitude of the local people has a profound effect on everyones stress levels.

Having ben here before and after spending the last 24 hours here I can say there are no signs here, reminding the customer not to abuse the staff. Why is that?

I think it is fair to say that the government tries to influence all people living in Singapore in many aspects of daily life, no chewing gum, no littering and so on. They also started the “always smile” trend in Singapore, with profound results. You feel safe her, it is clean and you feel welcome. People in hotels, restaurants and other places go out of their way to give you a good customer experience.

There is no talk about it, it is just being done in a friendly way. I’m sure people here are not any more happy or less troubled then elsewhere, but they have learned that being friendly helps you to get things done in a more positive way, with less stress for themselves, their customers and it will not create barriers to future business.

There is something to be learned here – it’s called good customer care – I’m convinced this is they way to deal with customers and not to put up signs. — ST.

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