Small Business Start-up Idea – Photographer

If you are passionate about photography and feel you have a talent for it, you may be able to make some extra money from doing it professionally. You could offer numerous photography services ranging from weddings and graduations to architectural or underwater, depending on your preferred speciality. Part of the service you will provide includes offering the photos in various formats – both digitally and as a physical product. You could charge extra for additional services like framing.  

Skills needed: You will need highly professional photography skills and some experience of using digital imaging software to customise pictures according the needs of the client.  

Business environment and set-up cost: The majority of your clients will be located near you for logistical reasons. The set-up cost consists of the usual equipment (computer hardware / software) and website development / hosting expenditure. On top of this there will be the cost of blank media and packaging materials. You will also need to allocate a budget for advertising in order to promote your website. The overall start-up cost will vary from two to four thousand pounds.  

Marketing Techniques:  

  • An impressive gallery of your portfolio is your most effective weapon
  • Use viral marketing to allow visitors to your web-site to easily show their friends images from your gallery
  • Consider participating in the pay-per-click schemes of popular search engines, or at least make sure your website is maximised for search engine optimisation
  • Add your website to appropriate web-rings and link directories – there are a wide range of categories which may require the services of a quality photographer
  • Use OnlineOffice to set up web-site, blog and online shop to promote your business online

Complimentary business ideas: You could try to appeal to the tourism market by selling stock photographs and postcards of landmarks  

Notes: The main problem you will face is initially trying to gain recognition for your talent. Work out the target market that is most appropriate to the services you are offering and concentrate fully on trying to attract them.  

Online examples & resources:  

  • Bob Tuthill Photography – A good example of a professional looking photographer’s website
  • PopPhoto – Digital camera reviews and photography news
  • Webshots – An online gallery for photographers around the world to share their work
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