I’ve got a dongle, I’m mobile.

three_logo_purple.gifA few weeks ago the good people from the 3 Network (Hutchison 3G UK Ltd.) sent me their new USB dongle for my laptop, an Apple MacBook Pro. This happened just when I wanted to change from my current mobile broadband provider anyway, so just in time.

I have to say I’m pleased, very pleased with the performance of this little unit and for once feel always connected to the Internet. Some of the postings to this blog over the past week have been made using this little device and it helps me utilizing every minute of otherwise useless time on a train or waiting somewhere else.

For anyone working in a mobile capacity, having a broadband dongle is a must and using the 3 network is fast, certainly much faster then my old provider. More importantly having this kind of technology will improve your productivity in several areas:

  • You can work from anywhere, you can take your work home and be more with your family;
  • it really makes our OnlineOffice even more valuable since it’s all online;
  • it makes you and your business more accessible, by providing a better client experience;

But don’t take only my word for it, go to the 3 mobilebuzz website and see what other people say. I have written about the 3 Network before and praised them for their deal with skype, their current mobile broadband offering is another step in the right direction for mobile data services.

I’m a happy client, well done 3. — ST.

Disclaimer: I was sent this dongle to test by the 3 Network free of charge, but I will be taking out a subscription after my free trail period is finished.

UPDATE: The 3 Network have cut the price for their dongle in half, so from tomorrow you can get the dongle for £49.99, even less reason not to get one.

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