Small Business Start-Up Idea – Party Planner

Organising a party can be time-consuming and stressful for many people. This is why there is a big demand for people who are able to plan and execute parties on their behalf, especially in the corporate world.  You will be paid on commission for your services but could also earn extra money by selling party supplies through your website.  

Skills needed: You need to be a creative person who is able to design an amazing experience for your clients. It will be helpful if you have basic web publishing skills to maintain your website.  

Business environment and set-up cost:  There is not much international potential for this business because you will have to work closely with clients. You could sell party supplies internationally but the high shipping rates will probably make this unfeasible. The set-up costs for this business are mainly related to computer equipment (including a printer, scanner and digital camera) and software, along with the cost of paying a professional to develop your website. In addition, you will need an initial inventory of party supplies in preparation for your first customers. The overall start-up cost will range from £1,500 to £5,000 (2,000- 6,000 EUR, 3,000-10,000 AUD/USD).  

Marketing Techniques:  

  • Participate in the pay-per-click schemes of the popular search engines
  • Place online links to your business at websites and directories relating to your target market
  • Use testimonials from your previous clients that describe the service and experience you provided them
  • Get permission from clients to take photographs of the parties that you have put on in the past, as visual proof of a great party will be an excellent sales tool
  • Consider paying for banner advertising on websites appropriate to your target market
  • Use OnlineOffice to set up web-site, blog and online shop to promote your business online

Complimentary business ideas: You may wish to expand your services to provide general event planning.  

Notes: Make sure that the work you are going to undertake is set out in a contract between you and the client, specifying any requests or conditions that are critical to the event. This way the client cannot refuse to pay you as long as you satisfactorily complete the contract.  

Online examples & resources:  

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