Small Business Lists – 10 Ways to Prepare for Start-Up

This checklist will hopefully give you a guide to some of the stages involved in starting up.  

  1. Choose a Business Type – Once you are clear about what your start-up will be, try to also think about an appropriate catchy business name
  2. File a ‘Doing Business As’ (DBA) Form – This form (also known as ‘trading as’ in many countries) will allow you to open a business bank account
  3. Open a Business Checking Account – Look around for a bank that is sympathetic to the needs of a small start-up
  4. Write a Marketing Plan – It is useful to have a strategy about how you plan to promote your business once it launches
  5. Brush up on Accounting Techniques – You can use the free accounting software within OnlineOffice
  6. Contact the Small Business Administration – If you are in the United States , the SBA may be able to assist you by providing advice or even a loan
  7. Consider Further Education – If there are some areas of business you are unsure about, you may find it helpful to attend classes at a local college
  8. Visit a Bookshop – It can be handy to collect a library of business books over the years to inspire you or as a source of reference
  9. Create a Business Plan – This will not only aid you in borrowing money from banks but also exists as a road-map to keep your business on track
  10. Decide Long-Term Goals – Think about where you want your business to be in five or ten years from now and keep these goals in mind when you make strategic decisions
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