Small Business Lists – 7 Steps to Creating a Mail Order Business

This checklist will hopefully give some guidance to people who wish to sell products using mailing lists.  

  1. Choose a Product or Service – Your first step is to decide which product or service to sell. It is advisable for you to select something which is unique, but also has a large enough market to be successful.
  2. Price the Product – Decide on a reasonable price to sell your product at. Work out an amount that covers all your costs and provides a sensible profit.
  3. Find a Supplier – You will need to locate quality suppliers whether you are simply re-selling products or intend to manufacture something using their parts. Look in trade magazines and catalogues to find them.
  4. Legal Issues – Deal with all relevant legal issues relating to the business and the products you will be selling.
  5. Plan your Business – Make sure you have a Business Plan written, even if it is just a basic guide to the path you wish your business to take. It is more vital for a mail order business to have a comprehensive Marketing Plan because you must fully understand your target market and how to reach them.
  6. Order Filling – It is vital that you have a flawless system in place to ship orders to customers
  7. Build on your Successes – Use the experiences that you gain from the process of start-up to improve your business
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