Small Business Lists – 10 Small Business Start-up Tips

This checklist will give you some ideas that could aid you at startup.  

  1. Use Technology – Keep an eye out for new technological solutions that could save you time and make your work life easier
  2. Learn about Marketing – Brush up on marketing techniques so that you are better able to sell yourself and your business
  3. Do your Homework – Conduct on-going market research to better understand your customers and target market
  4. Get Advice – Don’t be reluctant to seek the opinion of an expert when making big decisions or need help
  5. Form Partnerships – Use the power of networking to create alliances with companies that share your goals
  6. Be Flexible – If an exciting new opportunity emerges, don’t dismiss it just because it doesn’t fit into your plan for the business
  7. Use the Internet – There are a myriad of ways in which the Internet has made life easier for SMEs
  8. Delegate Responsibilities -Know your weaknesses and be prepared to delegate or outsource tasks e.g. bookkeeping
  9. Manage your Finances – Be sure to keep close track of your cashflow with a financial plan
  10. Enjoy Yourself! – If you are not getting a level of satisfaction from your own business then you are doing something wrong
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