Small Business Lists – 10 Search Engine Optimisation Tips

This checklist will give you some ideas that could help your website get ranked higher on search engines.  

  • Design – The initial design of your website is important to consider. Flash based websites and those using Javascript navigation may look very impressive but the robots are unable to understand the content. In addition, do not put content in tables as this is hard for search engines to find.
  • Site Mapping – A site map represents the layout of your website and is helpful for search robots. You can even make a Google site map using their web-tools in order to work better with their robots.
  • Choose the Right Partner – Make sure that the SEO partner you choose has a good track history of getting results.
  • Back-link – A back-link is an incoming link to your website provided by someone else. Robots will be able to tell if the links are irrelevant or an attempt to cheat the system.
  • Use Bullet Points – Bullet points are useful for SEO as long as supporting information is also provided, otherwise it may be seen as ‘key word stuffing’
  • Website Content – The actual amount of content you are providing is important. If you only have a few pages of useful information then you will find it difficult to become highly listed.
  • Relevant Information – Keeping the content on topic allows you to focus on specific keywords.
  • Duplicate Content – Make sure you do not have multiple pages with the same content or with content taken verbatim from another website. Search robots will not be fooled by this and the search engines may even punish you.
  • Alt Tags – These are the little boxes that appear when hovering your mouse above text links. Search engines analyse alt tags to interpret the meaning of objects.
  • Don’t Try to Fool Them – The techniques used by search engines these days are extremely sophisticated. Using tricks like hiding text will only get you penalised or blacklisted.
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