Small Business Lists – 5 Ways to Empower Your Employees

This checklist will hopefully help you encourage your employees to make smart decisions by themselves, therefore empowering them. 

  1. Set Guidelines – It can be beneficial to your company to allow each employee to make financial decisions up to a certain value without consulting you. Obviously, high-value decisions must be approved by a superior or by you but if you can trust them to deal with small amounts it will make them feel more important and also save you a little time.
  2. Regular Training – It is easy to overlook the importance of training, especially in a SME. By providing regular training you are ‘adding-value’ to the employee and make them a more important asset to your business. Some valuable training can even be provided at very little cost e.g. role-playing exercises.
  3. Find Hidden Talents – Take the time to get to know your staff and encourage their input in brainstorming exercises. You may be surprised to find that your receptionist has a talent for coming up with marketing ideas.
  4. Customer Care – Teach your employees the value of securing long-term customers. It is well worth making concessions when dealing with a high-value customer. An employee should be knowledgeable about this and empowered enough to make an on-the-spot decision to make a concession when trying to resolve a situation.
  5. Reward Them – You may think your employees have done well but unless you show them this they are likely to feel unappreciated. Simple things like treating them to a party after securing a big contract will be great for morale.
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