Small Business Start-Up Checklist – Start Trading

Once you are satisfied with all aspects of your preparations then it is time for you to begin trading.  

Things to remember:  

  • The first day will be hard as you may open your doors after months of planning and immediately find yourself at a loose end waiting for customers
  • Try to be pro-active and motivated even if business is slow to begin with. Setting clear goals will help get you started on projects and work towards completing them
  • Keeping well organised is an essential skill for small business owners. This means being organised in every aspect of running your company – from submitting taxes and managing deliveries to simply keeping the office clean
  • Reward yourself for completing small tasks whilst you are working towards long-term goals by purchasing treats or taking breaks to enjoy your favourite activity
  • Try to visualise your own future successful completion of a task by imagining the whole process right up until the conclusion. This may seem pointless but it can really help concentrate your focus.

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