Small Business Lists – 14 Tests for Mailing List Sales

If you are not sure whether your product is appropriate for selling on a mailing list, here are some useful criteria to check:  

  1. Easy to Understand – The value of purchasing your product is immediately clear
  2. Unique – It is unlike anything else on the market
  3. New – It has only recently been released and needs exposure
  4. Problem Solving – It has a new solution to an everyday problem
  5. Simplistic – It only has one main function and solves the problem entirely
  6. Aesthetically Pleasing – It is nice to look at and will display well in catalogues
  7. Durable – It will not be easily damaged during shipping
  8. Year-round Appeal – It is not a seasonal product with limited appeal
  9. Safe – There is no foreseeable danger to consumers
  10. Wide Appeal – There is a sizeable target market for the product
  11. Quickly Manufactured– There is no long production process involved
  12. Affordable – Sub $100 products sell best in catalogues
  13. Mailing – Standard size products are easiest to ship in bulk
  14. Patented – You need to have some sort of copyright to protect your idea
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