Small Business Lists – 10 Reasons to Sell Via Catalogue

If you are undecided about the benefits of selling your product via a catalogue then this list may help.  

  1. Raising Awareness – Although it is not as spectacular or has as far a reach as traditional advertising methods, catalogues are a good way of letting the public know that your product exists
  2. Low Risk – You have very little to lose from being in a catalogue and many firms do not even charge you to list your product
  3. Less Packaging – There is no need to have attractive expensive packaging to compete on shop shelves. Simple plastic bags and plain boxes are sufficient
  4. Credibility – If your product appears in a catalogue alongside other successful products it raises credibility. Strong catalogue sales can also open doors to being featured on television home shopping networks
  5. Manageable Growth – A catalogue will only take a small quantity of your product to begin with and will order increasingly larger amounts once it has been shown to be successful
  6. Product Line Not Required – You are not at a disadvantage for only having one product to sell, whereas large stores prefer to stock a line of products from the same manufacturer
  7. Easier to Compete – The catalogue market is a level playing field where both small startups and large corporations sell their products
  8. Market Testing – You can experiment with placing your product in niche catalogues in order to fine tune your marketing strategy
  9. National Exposure – You are not limited by geographical barriers and your product could potentially be viewed by millions
  10. Lucrative Returns – The catalogue market is still extremely successful and if your product is a hit you could generate a lot of revenue for your start-up. Use this money to expand your business and to eventually get your product sold commercially in stores
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