Small Business Lists – 100 No-Cost Start-ups (Part One)

In the first of a new series of posts, here are some business ideas that cost nothing (or very little) to start-up.  

  1. Pet Sitting – For an animal lover this business would be ideal. Often people prefer to hire a pet sitter than place their pet in a kennel.
  2. Hot Tub Maintenance – It only takes around 15 minutes to clean a hot tub properly. This is also a good add-on to an existing pool cleaning business.
  3. Closet Renovation – People are always looking for more closet space and you could take advantage of the best organiser systems and put up shelves etc.
  4. Welcoming Service – If you live in an area with an influx of new homeowners then you could start a service which welcomes them to the area. You would work in conjunction with local businesses to inform the newcomer about the best shops in the town.
  5. Flea Market Entrepreneur – Even in the age of eBay, car boot sales are still popular. If you have possessions or even a product to sell then you can be successful
  6. Lawn Service – Cutting the lawn is something every homeowner has to do. Many people lead very busy lives and some people are unable to do physical work. If you can establish a customer base then they will keep coming back to you.
  7. Childproof Homes – Every parent worries about whether their child could come to harm in their own home. This business would involve studying their home and then eliminating potential risk.
  8. Sport Equipment Refurbishment – This could range from buffing golf clubs to waxing surfboards.
  9. Computer Expert – If you are knowledgeable about computers then you can make money by doing the things that you find simple such as performing maintenance or installing software.
  10. Balloon Delivery – Balloons are a popular alternative to sending flowers. You need only purchase the balloons and a helium tank.
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