Small Business Lists – 100 No-Cost Start-ups (Part Two)

Here are some more business ideas that cost nothing (or very little) to start-up. 

  1. Costume Supplies – If you are talented at sewing then you could design and make costumes to order.
  2. Car Detailing – This service includes a thorough car wash (by hand) and waxing.
  3. Lighting Design – This business involves choosing and installing the appropriate lights for both residential and commercial customers.
  4. Special Events Videos – If you have an expensive high quality video camera and enjoy making home movies, you could earn some extra money by filming corporate events, weddings or gigs in the local area.
  5. Pool Cleaning – If you live in an affluent area with a lot of private swimming pools then you could start a pool cleaning business. Many people already own the cleaning equipment but do not have the time to clean them properly.
  6. Gift Baskets – Customised gift baskets are an excellent present to give. The profit margin is also quite high for the seller.
  7. Herb Garden – You could build and stock a herb garden for clients. They may also want you to come back and maintain it.
  8. Knife Sharpening – Many people have blunt knives which they never get round to sharpening. This business could work just through knocking on doors and offering the service
  9. Computer Tutor – If you are knowledgeable about computers then you could teach novices.
  10. Meal Delivery – This business involves taking food orders (such as freshly made sandwiches from a local deli) and then delivering them.
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