Australia/New Zealand Small Business News Round-up – 30/07/2008

Here is this week’s news round-up for home business, micro business, sole-traders, freelancers, self-employed and any one who is interested in small business news from Australia and New Zealand:

  • Westpac CDOs: ‘no earnings impact‘: WESTPAC today confirmed its small, collateralised debt obligation (CDO) portfolio has had no measurable impact on earnings.
  • TomorrowNow confusion Down Under: A lack of information from the global headquarters of software giants Oracle and SAP has left the pairs’ Australian divisions completely in the dark about what actions to take in the wake of the closure of SAP’s Oracle services subsidiary TomorrowNow.
  • Linkedin retrieves Australian domain: US-based business social networking company LinkedIn has taken action to retrieve the Australian version of its internet address from local digital marketing agency Clear Blue Day.
  • Probationary periods: a storm in a teacup: National recently announced that it will bring in a 90 day voluntary probationary period for new employees. This would apply to businesses with less than 20 employees, and would allow employers to dismiss a new employee within 90 days, without the risk of an unjustified dismissal claim.
  • It’s looking a bit down: BANKS and other lenders to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be the first to feel the negative effects of a sudden steep fall in business confidence.
  • Think big, says Kochie: SMALL business owners need to focus more on the big issues affecting the economy, says TV personality and financial commentator David Koch.

As always this list is not exhaustive, but I hope it will give you a little overview. — ST.

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