Financial Security? Start A Business!

Now that it has dawned to the last of us, that the bankers misused our trust to line their own pockets and the politicians where their usual self and did not notice, even so many “spoil-sports” told us for years that things where going wrong big time, it is time to find a way out of this mess.

I would suggest to you that you, me and many others like us are the solution to this crisis. SMEs make up for over 50% of GDP in our countries, for over 60% of all innovations and this market sector is still expanding as we speak.

It is high time that we stop listening to these overpaid, egotistical and usually arrogant bankers and politicians because they are at least as fallible as we all are.

Let’s face it, job security is and has been a myth for a long time. Starting a business – full or part time – is the only option to regain some control of you financial future. While the stock markets crash and more and more redundancies are being announced, you may want to think about you own business.

Just remember don’t borrow any money to start up – bootstrap. — ST.

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