Global Entrepreneurship Week and Enterprise Week 2008

We need more people to start a business, I know I have said that all before. But here are two connected campaign who are not only talking about it they are doing it.

Both campaigns run from November 17th to the 23rd and are aiming to inspire, connect, mentor and engage young people around the world and foster entrepreneurial behavior and knowledge. Inspiring young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity is one of the main aims. There will be literally thousands of events in schools, colleges, universities and other organisations around the world.

This is great news, we are seeing a groundswell of entrepreneurship on an never before seen scale. I may opinion not one minute too soon, as we all know these are the business owners – small and large – of tomorrow. Especially in the current economic climate these efforts are more important than ever.

If you have connections to schools or other such institutions find out if they are doing an event, if not why not do one yourself. Go to the school and talk to the teachers, if they are any good, they will jump at the idea. For more information on this follow the above links, to be inspired.

Needless to say that WinWeb is supporting both of these campaigns. We all can do our bit, let’s do it. — ST.

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