Todays Daily Express Article About WinWeb.

Alison Coleman of the Daily Express kindly wrote a great piece on WinWeb in today’s newspaper with the title, ‘ You can’t help but win with WinWeb.‘ I thank her very much for this coverage.

This article is posted in the weekly franchise section of the Daily Express, every Monday. It is a fair point to say that our OnlineOffice is a great tool for any type of small business including the small franchisee businesses. Franchises can be a very good business concept for budding entrepreneurs, since it gives you everything in terms of products and services, the whole supply chain is dealt with, so you can focus on getting customers and new business.

There was just one little factual error in this piece. I’m not the founder of or behind Tiscali, my former business called Nacamar Group PLC is today ‘part’ of Tiscali. We at that time had been active in over 17 countries and Tiscali did not have operations themselves in many of these territories.

I loved the way she presents the case for entrepreneurs focusing on their business and WinWeb helping with the admin of the business. She certainly included all the highlights of OnlineOffice in her article.

Daily Express – The Greatest Newspaper in the World. Certainly today it is for me. 😉 — ST.

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