Australia/New Zealand Small Business News Round-up – 05/11/2008

Here is this week’s news round-up for home business, micro business, sole-traders, freelancers, self-employed and any one who is interested in small business news from Australia and New Zealand:

  • The power of crowd sourcing: Crowdsourcing sites allows SMEs to slash their costs on everything from design work to IT jobs by tapping into global online markets of freelance professionals. As JAMES THOMSON explains, it’s quick, easy and oh-so web 2.0
  • Business Idea Of The Week: Special Events Videos: If you enjoy making videos of family gatherings and special occasions then you should consider this business idea. Many people choose to hire someone to film the event so that they can concentrate on participating in it. Once you have the equipment needed you could cover any type of event, ranging from corporate functions to band gigs and weddings.
  • Small business put through the wringer: ANTHONY Watson compares the 20per cent drop in business at his Perth fridge and washer store this year to being on a very steep hill.
  • Big firms ‘must pay the small on time’, warns ACCC: BIG businesses that deliberately delay paying their bills to smaller companies will be hunted down and prosecuted by the competition watchdog.
  • Black + White targets small business, prepay customers: New Zealand’s latest cellphone network operator, Black + White, says it’s looking to win small business accounts via an email hosting hook-up with Microsoft. The company will also be looking to lure NZ’s disproportionately high number of mobile customers on Telecom, TelstraClear and Vodafone prepay plans.
  • Cash crunch squeeze: Almost all small to medium sized businesses in both Victoria and NSW are feeling the pinch of tighter cash flows as the credit crunch dries up the funds needed for business to function, a report said today.
  • Rudd blamed for cash problems and uncertainty: SMALL business has given the Rudd Government the thumbs down in a recent survey, with more than one in two respondents saying the Government’s performance has been poor or very poor. Meanwhile, another survey says small business owners face a cash crisis, which is stressing out family life.
  • Trade licences under review: Trade licences that block tradespeople from other states working in NSW are under review by Regulatory Reform Minister Joe Tripodi.
  • Retail is on the brink – so let’s act: ‘We cannot escape the downward trend in consumer spending habits We cannot escape being in the economy.”
  • As always this list is not exhaustive, but I hope it will give you a little overview. — ST.

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