How to fix/remove ‘Winweb Security’ Virus/Malware.

We had the misfortune that there seems to be a computer virus/malware program affecting many Microsoft Windows operating systems, called winweb.exe. Obviously this has nothing to do with WinWeb, but never the less people call and email us about it, understandably angry and upset. We do not install software since all of our software and business services for small business are online only, we also have no product that scans your computer for viruses.

This problem became apparent sometime on Friday and has been growing ever since. I’m told that most antivirus products are up-to-date and can deal with this virus. Our support team has done some research and is issuing some free advise to this problem. If you are affected by this, please go to our website and press the ‘chat’ icon in the upper right hand corner. Our 24/7 live support team will share with you what we know about this problem and how to fix it. They will also update everyone once we hear about successful removals and other updates.

The most important piece of advice is to keep your antivirus software up-to-date. Here are a couple of free antivirus/malware scanners:

If you had this virus and know of a sure way to fix it, please let us know so that we can update everybody else. Thank you for that. — ST.

UPDATE 11/23 – 23:52 BST: Please also see here for more information on how to delete the problem.

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