Lucky You Big Business vs. Unlucky Us Small Business

_W9Y3029.jpg Earlier this year I took this photo in Hong Kong, my framing was a bit off – or was it? A few months later the credit crunch started to bite – now I think my framing was spot on.

Later today we will witness a UK-Government using our own money to make us believe that things are not that bad, this, with tax-cuts the economy can not afford. Why are they doing it you might ask? Maybe they really just want to get the economy started again, as they say? I don’t believe any of it anymore – just using fancy words like ‘we are taking decisive action’ or ‘we have a good track record’ does not make any of these statement true. Gordon Brown has been warned for at least six years about this problem and he has done nothing. He has no positive track record in my opinion, the opposite is true, he has failed us miserably and I fear he is just about to do it again.

In the past months Governments around the world have used our tax money and bailed big business out, like AIG, banks and others. They used our money which our countries could have used better in the health care sector, public transport and education. Even 1/10 of the money so far spend on these greedy people would have been enough to transform all our life’s. Unbelievably we all watched in disbelief as billions upon billions have been wasted on these organisations. Nobody has gone to jail and I know of no inditement?

The other side of the coin is small business. We have been promised lower taxes and banks that would lend money to small business, none of that has happened. Now we are getting tax cuts to help us. I can’t help but feel that this is just another alibi concession by a Government which has lost it’s way long ago. The credit level in the economy is staggering and this action will make this problem only bigger.

We, our children and our children’s children will pay for this mess. Sure we need to get our economy going, but not at this price. If we would run our businesses, the way our Governments run our economy or these banks have run their business with our pensions, we little guys would go to jail – isn’t that a fact?

When will our politicians pay for their part in this? I guess as long as they can use our own money to bribe us, they will come out smelling of roses. Unbelievable. – ST.

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