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As I mentioned in an earlier post about WinWeb and winweb security, we have been contacted by hundreds if not thousands of people with problems relating a service that calls itself ‘Winweb Security’. We have been trying to help people, even so they are not customers of ours, to rid themselves of this menace.

Some of these conversations have been very unpleasant to say the least. Winweb security has nothing what so ever to do with us, WinWeb. We provide software and business services online to start and run a small business. All our software is ‘online’, we do not upload programs onto your computer, nor do we scan your computer for viruses.

WinWeb SecureTec is a description of the security and business continuity benefits of OnlineOffice, our product. It is not to be confused with virus protection in the sense that we scan your computers. We only make sure that our clients data on our servers is a secure and virus free as possible. We do not extent this service outside our network. If you are looking for that I have mentioned programs in my previous post. is the website – unbelievably still online – which claims to scan your computer for viruses, it apparently is a counterfeit program and more and more information is becoming available. Please do not click on any links on this website, as you can not be sure if you are not infecting your computer.

We regard this activity as a breach of our trademark and have instructed our US lawyers accordingly. We will try and have this website shut down ASAP, but realize it could take some time. This will not stop the the circulation of the malware but it may help a little to shorten the life cycle.

Our 24/7 support staff is trying to help everyone that is contacting us, and they are doing a marvelous job. Please do not threaten or harass our support team, please understand they are trying to help you, while at the same time we have no obligation to do so. Obviously we have an interest to help, but I have to provide a secure and harassment free environment for my staff to work in. Believe me when I say, we understand you are upset.

You can look up the registration details for and see clearly who has registered this domain. Do the same on and you will see it is not the same.

Believe me when I say nobody is more upset than WinWeb right now, this is causing real and undeserved damage to our reputation. — ST.

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