Small Business Blog Roundup – 05/12/2008

Here is my weekly selection of favourite small business blog posts, I hope you enjoy some of them:

  • Guy is talking about my favourite subject – bootstrapping. I don’t agree with all of it for my readers, but if you are in the business to grow fast and large this could be for you.
  • Shama discovered odiogo and has changed the name of her website – Click To Client. Different name, but still the same great content.
  • eMoms have 23 Tips to Take your Business To the Next Level – Step 1….. – great post.
  • A timely piece from The Digerati Life on ‘Money Tips To Cope With Hard Times!’
  • Doing Business in a Recession is not easy, but John helps you to focus on the important stuff.
  • Jeff Cornwall believes the glass is still half full, I agree with him.
  • John Jantsch is certainly right when he says, ‘ Marketing Is Everyone’s Job’.
  • Laura Spencer forgot to mention WinWeb’s OnlineOffice, but the rest is spot on in her piece about, ‘How to start a freelance business today‘.
  • Emma just has a great site for any home business, I love her stuff.

That is it for today, I’m off to our Christmas party soon, I guess there will be no blogging tomorrow. 😉

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