Have I gone twitter mad?

I think I have, you can follow my madness. Like our OnlineOffice, twitter is an online tool, so you do not need to install anything, if you don’t want too. I love this little tool, it is great for small business. At first glance you may not realize it, but it’s brilliant. The best way to understand it, is to sign up and watch others, you’ll get the idea soon enough. Again – think global, do local, more about that in a later post.

In this post I would like to share some of the twitter applications I like to use:

  • TweedDeck is my favourite, since you can have different columns for different groups, replies and direct messages, very handy. IT’s free, but make a donation if you can.
  • Adjix -> Twitter, is a bookmark-let that sits in your browser bookmark bar and let’s you tweet about anything you see on the web in seconds – great tool – free too.
  • BrightKit, I’m just getting starting with this one, but it let’s you have more than one account and allows you to plan you tweets releases by time. Great for blogging.
  • Tweetie for my iPhone, it is easy to use and handy on the go.

BTW, make sure you don’t use all of them at the same time, as twitter will only allow you 100 updates per hour for all your APIs, so you could run out before the hour is up. This does not apply for the twitter web interface.

Yes, I have gone tweet mad, but I like it. You should give it a go. tweet, tweet…. tweet!– ST.

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