Barter – The Way forward for Small Business during the credit crunch?

In times of monetary crisis many small business owners, could consider bartering for products and services. Many small business owners spend money on services and products that they could source from clients.

Now if that is true and both feel the pinch – and who doesn’t – they could just exchange these services or products as money value, but no money changes hands. If this works with two then it could also work within a bigger group of small businesses where you run an internal credit system.

This is not without it’s pitfalls and you will have to declare the profit and any taxes due, we would not want to get the state to be out of pocket now, would we? But it may still be a way to start trading a little more without having to use money.

Like our politicians say: ‘Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions.’ But trust me these ‘extraordinary solutions’ are not going to come from these politicians, they’ll have to come from you.

Cash is king – bartering may just help you to keep some of it a little bit longer. –ST.

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