Why the Small Business Glass Is Half Full!

glass half empty.jpg With the economic dome and gloom out there, it is sometimes not easy not to get depressed about things. But I can’t help thinking that while it may be very bad for the big boys, some of the smaller businesses are doing rather well. Times are tough for all of us – but if you keep your cost and overheads low you can weather this storm.

I agree with some who say, ‘ Small Businesses are the unsung heroes of our tale of monumental financial folly.’ After this crisis is over, small business, home business and self employed will play a much bigger role in the new capitalism that will emerge from the rubble.

Even governments will have to understand what the very smallest of businesses needs are, as all our economic fate will hinge on the appreciation of small business. Providing an effective Small Business Infrastructure, to free small business owners from the distractions of business red-tape and admin, and leaving them to pursue their entrepreneurial vision is essential to the economic success of future generations. I believe even the most unimaginative politicians and civil servants are beginning to see this connection.

That is why the Small Business Glass is half full – we will get there, eventually. — ST.

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