Apple Discussion Forum – Censorship Arrogance?

A few weeks ago I bought myself a new camera, and as so often before the new camera was not supported by my favourite photo application Aperture from Apple. IMO, this is easily the best application of it’s kind. The support for new cameras has been an issue ever since and Apple has been criticized for this on many occasions.

So I did what I have always done, I went onto the Apple forum and asked the question:

Anyone got an idea when we will have an update (for Aperture and the Camera)? Why do we have to have this problem every time?

The last part had to do with the fact that Apple had always be late, despite the fact that the camera had been announced by Canon three to four month before.

On the following day my post was removed by Apple, as it was deemed:

  • Speculation or Rumors
  • Off-topic or non-technical posts

I was surprised and shocked at the same time and replied for clarification. I have not received any reply so far and noticed that other postings on the forum had been removed. I have emailed Apple with this post – let us see if they reply to this, or just ignore their loyal customers.

I am concerned about this new arrogance of Apple and at their attempt to stop any criticism of their products on their discussion forums. IMO, it also has serious implications for professional users like photographers who earn their money with these products. But then this all is only my opinion.

I hope Apple will find their way back from the ‘arrogance abyss’ that has spelled doom for so many good companies. — ST.

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