Looking For Innovation Crunch and Credit Crunch Solution? Answer Small Business.

It is perplexing to see how paralyzing this credit crunch really is. The markets and our minds are dominated and controlled by fear, why? Don’t we understand that this level of fear is what is paralyzing us.

You would say things are bad and I would agree. BUT…. every problem offers new opportunities too, you just have to look for them. You may ask, where should we look? Well the answer to this question is quite simple really, to Small Business of cause. The lion share of innovation comes out of the micro and small business sector.

Big business is not very good at innovation, so why are they not looking more at partnering with small business.

If we could also understand that ‘any kind of consume’ is not going to end this credit crunch by itself. By spending money we don’t really have on things we do not need or even want, we are only going to make our problems bigger. That is the reason why these indiscriminate spending plans by governments will not work.

We have numerous problems, with our environment for instants, so here is one area we need innovation and investment. Small business offers the innovation, big business the investment and management and together they will created new jobs in new markets fast. This in turn will create new demand and new consume which is what our economic cycle is all about. This is just one example, you can make the same case for almost any industry and service sector.

Big business partnering with small business is the fastest way to generate demand and positive consume – it is that easy. — ST.

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