I will be on CNBC Power Lunch Europe.

CNBC_Power_Lunch.jpg I will be on CNBC’s Power Lunch Europe TV Show on December 23rd, 2008 at 11:00 BST.

I will be talking – surprise, surprise – about small business, home business and micro business:

  • How can banks, government and big business help small business?
  • Why our capitalism will never be the same again?
  • Why WinWeb started the Business’09 challenge?
  • How OnlineOffice can help small business?
  • Why you should start a small business now?
  • Why you should start a small business, even if you have a job?

And of course much more. So don’t miss it – I’d love to hear from you after the show, with your comments. If you can’t see the show I will host it here on my blog too.

Should be fun, so come and have a look. — ST.

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