Effective Use Of Technology Better Than Any Tax Break For Small Business.

logo-london.png Roger Trapp of The Independent wrote about how effective use of technology (IT) can be more useful to small businesses than any tax break or incentive by government.

In his piece he writes about WinWeb’s OnlineOffice – software and business services to start and run a small business form home or an office – as a perfect tool for small business start-ups. Roger understands exactly which problems these entrepreneur face, it is not only about technology, but also about sending parcels, receiving calls when out of the office, or doing bookkeeping. Eliminating these distractions is what keeps these businesses from folding too soon.

He also talks about ShellLiveWire and The Princes Trust, who have helped hundreds of thousands of people into business and providing invaluable help and advice to business start-ups. I have been working with The Princes Trust for a few years now, and I’m always amazed by their passion for small business, especially from under-privileged backgrounds and that makes them into the perfect partner for starting your business.

I feel that SMEs are currently more on the agenda, and that is good. Many in government and larger organisations are still struggling with how to help small business and home business. This article by Roger Trapp is a welcomed deviation from that theme.

It’s more than IT that makes small business tick. — ST.

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