Winter Chaos But For Small Businesses Online It’s Business As Usual.

200902030844.jpg Yesterday the whole of the UK came to an almost complete standstill, London certainly did, due to the ‘adverse weather conditions’, snow to you and me. While I was sitting in my home office, with a hot cup of tea, I could not tell that anything was wrong, or that people in my business ‘eco-system’ were missing?

All my twitter followers and friends were online, tweeting away! All my skype contacts went green at the usual time, reachable and doing business!

While over 20 % of people did not make it to work, I’m happy to report, that all of my team showed up to work – although I always suspect some of them sit there in their PJs. We even had a conference at 15:00 as usual and everybody was there. We welcomed a new member of staff yesterday too, Peter he is one of our Operations & Project Managers. He showed up, we got him settled in and he had a cup of tea too.

Yes you guessed it, we all work from home and online. And so do many of our small business clients, even-so some of them did not go to the office, they just worked from their home office or kitchen table using our WinWeb OnlineOffice. This is another benefit of online software or cloud computing, as it is currently fashionable to be called, I had not thought about before.

Business needs to get online, not only for selling, but for working too. It will help the environment, local communities and every small business out there. — ST.

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