UK/Ireland Small Business News Round -up – 2009/02/06

Here is this week’s news round-up for home business, micro business, sole-traders, freelancers, self-employed and any one who is interested in small business news from the United Kingdom and Ireland:

  • Start-up to benefit from loan guarantee: Lloyds TSB has agreed to advance £50,000 to Trade Mark Direct, a Windsor-based company which is one of the first small businesses to get government support for lending
  • The Arctic blast that may have cost British businesses £1.2bn: The arctic weather that struck Britain yesterday could cost the UK economy about £1.2bn, piling further difficulty on firms already struggling in the recession.The Federation of Small Businesses estimated that one in five commuters did not get to wor…
  • Home Office and Small Business Save Over 75% On Essential IT Spend.: We all understand how online software can bring about a massive saving in IT spend. Using this technology, currently labelled ‘cloud computing’, has other benefits for small business too. Some solutions maximize savings by tailoring their offering to a special market. You can spend £15 /month on accounting software alone or get much much more for 20 % less spend – the savings are out there you just need to look.
  • BT and TalkTalk in Broadband price war that may help small business: BT and Carphone Warehouse’s TalkTalk have entered into a price war which could slash 75pc off small businesses’ broadband bills.
  • Businesses face bitter credit pill: The Federation of Small Businesses says its members have been finding it difficult to obtain overdrafts. For smaller companies, this kind of cashflow shock can be a disaster
  • WinWeb Offers Low Price Guarantee To Small Businesses & Home Offices.: Winweb offers all small business owners a low price guarantee on it’s OnlineOffice product, resulting in savings of over 75% on essential small business IT spend. In real numbers this means a saving of over $1,100 for US small businesses and over £680 for UK small businesses.
  • Don’t let small businesses chew over tax deadline: Small businesses which file their self-assessment tax forms in late during these testing times must be given a break by HM Revenues and Customs (HMRC), the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) urged today.
  • Early indication suggest banks are still not lending to small businesses: Despite a series of government measures designed to guarantee lending, members of the FPB are still not able to access finance from the banks. The Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) was introduced to underwrite lending in order to reduce the banks’ perception of small businesses as ‘high risk’. However, even profitable members of the FPB are reporting that they are still being rejected for loans and overdrafts by some of the UK’s major banks.
  • Absenteeism hurting small business – Isme: Absenteeism is costing small businesses in Ireland up to €1 billion annually, it was claimed today.

As always this list is not exhaustive, but I hope it will give you a little overview. — ST.

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