The Zen of Social Media

If you are a small business owner you may have recently heard a lot about how important it is for you to embrace social media platforms as part of your promotional strategy. The media has been awash with reports about Twitter and Facebook, but many of you are still hazy about the concept or believe it has no relevance to your business activities. 

I’ve been reading a great little book by the wonderful Shama Hyder that goes in-depth about what you should be doing to establish a social media presence for your business. The book is called ‘The Zen of Social Media’ and is written in a way that makes the concept very easy to understand. It covers Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in a very thorough fashion and explains the differences between each of these and how to act appropriately on them. There is also a section about how to use on-line video websites such as YouTube to your advantage. 

Social media can be difficult for first-timers to understand but reading this book will make you aware of the potential pitfalls and also the numerous benefits that can be achieved. 

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