Small Business – The chips are on the table.

I have regular meetings with big companies in my effort to finding strategic partners to sponsor our OnlineOffice for small office and home businesses.

While having these discussions we talk about the future and how business is developing in this economic downturn, and what business will be like on the other side. What often shocks me, is the fact that some of these guys do not realize that what they are seeing currently is a fundamental shift in business dynamics.

Today, more than anytime before, business is changing. More and more of it will be online and being big is no longer a guarantee to survive. In fact I believe that many mid-size and large corporates are using this economic downturn to justify massive redundancies, while the real reason is often top-level management failure of the past few years, long before this recession.

This means for small business, the opportunities are out there, you just need to look for them. This may very well be the best time to start a business, the evidence shows that businesses started in a downturn are stronger and survive better.

The chips, …. all the chips are on the table and are looking for takers. What are you waiting for.

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