BBC News – How to cope with unemployment

header_blocks.gif The BBC had a piece earlier this year advising people on, “How to cope with unemployment.”

Unfortunately it completely missed the opportunity to talk about starting a business when faced with unemployment in these financially uncertain times. Job security is at an all time low, and more and more of the media is offering advice and help to those affected.

In this article the BBC advices on issues like:

It seems to me that this is an example of having a gloomy & defensive look at the future, and paints a picture of being helpless in the face of these uncertain times. There are a few pro-active points missing here:

Given the fact that anyone can start a business today for less than £12/month, I can not understand why running a side business is not a standard solution in dealing with unemployment. Waiting for others to help you can turn out to be a long wait. Taking control of your own life has to be applauded and encouraged.

Micro businesses, like home businesses, freelancers and other forms of small businesses, are the future of our economy. Already SMEs contribute more than 50% of GDP, over 50% of employment and over 60% of all innovations.

It is time our media and our politicians get really down to understanding how important micro businesses are and help to foster a conducive environment for entrepreneurs. –ST.

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