You Are Fired – Looking for a new job or starting a business?

you_are_fired.jpg During an interview recently I was asked what to do when you lose your job, start a business or look for a new job?

As our recession deepens the unemployment rates grow and job security is at an all time low. Being able to start a business for as low as $20.00 or £12.00 a month, may make the decision a no brainer. But is this really the only option to deal with the current economic uncertainties?

Is it really an either or situation? It is my contention that it is not.

No matter if you are looking for a job or even still have a job, the question is, how secure is any job going to be in the future? Why not run a business while you are still employed? There are hundreds of cost free business ideas around you could run on the side. It would certainly increase your financial independence and give you some more control and security in your life.

The truth is anyone can start a home business. You may not be the next Richard Branson or Bill Gates, but you will generate some addition income for your family. Many do it already and there is now reason for you not to run a little side business as well.

So my answer to the interview question was, “Why choose, do both – look for a job and run a business!” For only $20.00 a month anyone can do it – including you. — ST.

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