Is Gordon Brown’s Darling in trouble?

Gordons_Darling.jpgJust watched the interview with our favorite Darling on the BBC – incredibly he claimed for a second home while he has been given No. 11 Downing Street to live in as his residence while in office.

He asked for the taxpayer to repay the money for his personal tax advice, so he could submit a correct tax return, I wonder if he has declared the benefit in kind?

Here is the thing, what do people do who can not afford tax advice, can they get their money back from HMRC? I guess not, they’ll just have to lump it – pay penalties and fines etc.

Yet, when asked if he should resign, he said that was a matter for Gordon Brown, the man who always ‘takes action’ without any results.

The idea that he himself could resign, for being disloyal to the British taxpayer, taking unfair advantage of his position or as some might say even abusing his position, did not enter the discussion?

In my opinion, these guys have no shame, will try and stay in power, whatever the cost to the taxpayer and the political system for as long as they can.

But here is the question for Gordon Brown, “is Darling still your darling?” — ST.

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