Geoff Hoon – ‘Sorry for Inadvertent Administrative Error.’

Hoon.jpgAnother day and another cabinet minister – yesterday Mr. Alister Darling, today Mr. Hoon!

Mr. Hoon repaid £384 for claiming expenses for two homes during the same time period. Is this an easy mistake to make or is it that they just don’t care and take the taxpayer for what they can get? Gorden Brown said he is taking action, like usual, too little too late.

I believe the taxpayer will take action in a few days time, but our beloved PM Gordon Brown has already made it clear he will not take responsibility for any of this and he will stay whatever the election brings.

“Although this was an inadvertent administrative error, I unreservedly apologise for the mistake.” – Mr. Geoff Hoon yesterday.

Again no mention of the honorable thing to do, to resign. You begin to wonder what “I unreservedly apologise…” really means.

The double standards in our lives are incredible, these people, allegedly some of them have committed criminal acts, seem to be immune from any punishment for their wrong doings, while the general public is being punished for parking 5 minutes longer.

This system needs to change – politicians need to be held accountable for what they do. They need to be above reproach, if they fail – the maximum legal punishment with a life long ban from public life should be the standard.

How can we explain to our children what is right and wrong, when these people do as they please, break the law and get away with it.

Everybody should be the same in front of the law, especially politicians. — ST.

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