Government’s ‘Agenda Of Underachieving’ Damages UK Small & Home Business!

broadband.jpgWhen I sold my ISP business, which was one of the largest pan-european, in 1999 – I knew that the new owners (ultimately TISCALI) where not as passionate about my business as I was, but I always believed that that would change. I was wrong, very wrong!

The disintegration of my old business started almost immediately and ended the other week when Tiscali UK was sold to The CarPhone Warehouse.

Similar scenarios can be followed with the companies of my former peers. When we build the foundation of the internet infrastructure in the UK and across much of Europe we wanted to increase capacity as much as possible and we had passion for this business. But like in so many boardrooms today, there is no passion for services & products, only for the next quarterly results and the bonuses payable to the board members.

IMO, this can be seen, across many other industries too, airlines, banks, insurances to name but a few more. But what is even more shocking, is this UK government’s ‘agenda of underachieving‘:

“….. the report will include a government commitment to provide universal broadband at a speed of 2Mbps by 2012.”

Only 2 Mbps, this is breathtakingly unbelievable, more and more business moves online, over 50% of GDP is generated by SMEs, over 50% of employment is provided by SMEs and more than 60% of innovation comes out of the SME sector. And this government has an agenda to put this country at the bottom of the broadband spectrum in terms of available bandwidth?

Australia, a country so big and sparsely populated, is planning for a 100 Mbps network, our European neighbours are planning similar internet roll-outs. We have an agenda that will further disadvantage UK home businesses and UK small businesses, which are the back-bone of the UK economy.

At least Richard Branson is planning & testing 200 Mbps for the UK market – here you can see what passion does for a business. –ST.

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