Small Business Suffer As Underachieving UK Government Disintegrates.

Queens Speech.jpg I’m not sure if we have forgotten, that we are in the midst of a global recession. Thousands of jobs are being lost everyday, many small businesses fail and we have to endure this daily dribble of greed, dishonesty and slow disintegration of the ‘new’ labour government, of underachieving and power hungry politicians.

We have to get back to the business in hand and fix this economy. I have long argued that the Blair/Brown government got us into this mess. I’m not sure that Brown/Darling have made it any better or can get us out of this downturn. Talking about “taking action”, or in Mr. Browns case even “taking action”, has clearly not helped, but made our problems only bigger.

In reaction to my post ‘Is Gordon Brown’s Darling In Trouble?, I received a comment about the Queen taking over the government business, and the fact that it stuck in my mind shows how desperate my thinking is, when it comes to the economic and now political future of the United Kingdom.

BTW, why does nobody ever ask how much this invasion of Iraq has cost and still costs the taxpayer – where is the mainstream media if you need it?

I, like many others in this country, think it’s time to cut our losses and have a general election. Ms Smith – the home secretary – is to step down, that is not enough – the whole government and all MPs need to step down and be reelected. We need a fresh start, and we need it NOW! –ST.

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