Assault On UK Home & Small Business Set To Continue

Sugar.jpg As the local election results come in, this government is disintegrating in front of our eyes, enormous damage to the democracy of this country is done as voters switch of in resignation, and a never seen level of incompetence is displayed by the cabinet, this prime minister is retreating into fairyland with his reshuffle.

Sir Alan Sugar will take a position of government tzar for enterprise – for those who do not know, a tzar was a totalitarian ruler in Russia and the socialists got rid of the tzar. It’s kind of funny to see this labour government to want to bring them back! What is Sir Alan going to do, he knows nothing about home & small businesses, the backbone of our economy. Hasn’t he got a company to run and a ‘TV show’ to host? Maybe he could fire the PM, that would get his ratings up!

On a more serious note, so far it is clear that Gordon will keep his Darling, despite all that went on with him. I, along with most descent people in UK, must feel like being slapped in the face, or worse by Gordon Brown. The sleaze will go on and this time Gordon Brown is condoning it.

On an even more serious note, this duo will continue with it’s assault on the middle classes and SMEs, to pay for the failures of Brown’s years at the Treasury followed on by his catastrophic performance as a prime minister.

To see how this government has brought this countries financial fortunes down in less than 18 month is staggering:

  • Innovative and entrepreneurial people leave the country in droves, taking all their wealth & ideas with them and setting up shop elsewhere.
  • The policy of “Quantitive Easing” – is nothing but an attack on the middle classes and SMEs, by redistributing wealth away from the middle classes and SMEs.
  • The pound has lost between 30 to 40% against reference currencies, this has nothing to do with a global recession, this is UK government failure.
  • The financial services sector in the City is fatally damaged, because this government and especially Mr Brown, did not take action.

The latest policy seems to be the TV celebrity policy, the motto here, ‘If you can’t convince them – entertain them!’ For the sake of this country we need a general election, now more than ever. –ST.

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