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So far we have provided tools, like our OnlineOffice, to help our clients to solve their small business problems, now we actually solve these problems for our clients in an integrated way, leaving them to explore their entrepreneurial vision and look after their business, not their admin and IT.

I am very happy to announce that WinWeb is releasing ‘BusinessServices’ – a new business services offering for the freelancer, home business and small office market. This is another world-wide first for WinWeb and every business service includes free access to WinWeb’s OnlineOffice as a bonus.

These services include bookkeeping, call & fax management, business address, mail hold & forwarding, web site design and maintenance, SEO – search engine optimization, payroll, graphic design, export services, online marketing and PR services, online presenters, online shop setup and maintenance and as before many Pay-As-You-Go services like parcel service, translation service and many more.

We have been training a large number of virtual assistants in all aspects of our service offerings for months and we are very confident we can provide a professional and extremely cost-effective service to all our clients. These services will be available in the following regions, the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but may vary from region to region.

As an example, Bookkeeping will start at £9.85 per month plus VAT – at these kind of prices even the smallest of businesses can afford to outsource their bookkeeping. In addition to the low price, our OnlineOffice will be free for the duration of the service allowing you to keep your cost even lower, by using the invoicing software and online shop to further reduce your bookkeeping cost, since any of these transactions will automatically be processed in the system.  

Any receipts can be uploaded by fax, scanned via email or sent to our processing centre and will be processed within 72 hours of receipt.

This is just one service aimed at making you focus on your business and not on your admin. I will talk about the other services in due cause on this blog, but you can always go and have a look at them on the WinWeb website now.

Especially during these times it is essential for freelancers, home business and small business owners to focus on revenue, sales and marketing their services and products and free up as much time a possible by outsourcing non-essential admin services.

All of our services come with a best price guarantee, we will match any comparable price in the relevant regions. Almost 100% of services are provided in local markets by local personnel and not outsourced to far eastern countries – showing our commitment to the regions in which we work.

Using OnlineOffice you can save over 75% on IT cost, now with BusinessServices you can save over 90% of admin hassle and additional cost savings, making it the ideal combination for your business success – have a look today! –ST.

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